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At the Airport

Whistler COVID-19 Testing

We offer  asymptomatic COVID-19 screening services in the Whistler area:


  • RT-PCR Testing for resort guests and Whistler residents travelling to international destinations.




Testing is available by appointment in the Whistler and Sea-to-Sky area, and may be arranged at your hotel, office, workplace, or home.  We also serve TV / Film productions, commercial photoshoots, and special events in backcountry settings.

Please Note

We only test ASYMPTOMATIC people (no symptoms of illness) for travel, business, or personal reasons - if you have tested positive to COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, or have flu-like symptoms (such as a persistent cough, fever, or runny nose), or are experiencing tiredness or shortness of breath, telephone 811 (in British Columbia) to speak with a public health official who will assist with directions for medical testing and care. 


Telephone 911 (nine - one - one) to contact emergency services if you are having difficulty breathing.


COVID-19 Testing + Travel Certificates

For Whistler-area Residents, Resort Guests, and Visitors

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RT-PCR COVID-19 Travel Test

Concierge / House Call Service
Testing at your Whistler-area home, workplace, or hotel.  Test results within 48-60 hours. 
Please contact us for house call prices.

How Our Testing Service Works

The nature and required specifications of COVID-19 tests (as mandated by various governments and regulating agencies) may change without prior notice.  For Travel Testing, please  ensure your destination country (and any country where you have a layover) will accept the test you select for entry, and that the test date requested complies with their screening requirements (generally within 24, 36, or 72 hours before flight departure).

  • Appointments may be arranged as a House Call Service to homes, workplaces, and hotels in the Whistler area.

  • A trained healthcare worker will collect a sample using a nasal swab applied to the anterior portions of your nose. 

  • Samples collected for RT-PCR tests will be sent to a medical laboratory accredited by the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. Results are generally available within 48-60 hours, and will be made available to you by Airwolf Medical.  


  • Please note that we are required to report all positive test results directly to the Provincial public health office, as mandated by current government regulations, who will contact you with instructions for further testing and care.


  • All customers (and others present) are required to follow COVID-19 safety protocols, which include wearing a mask and following social distancing guidelines, while the healthcare worker is present at your location.


  • Prior to testing, all customers will be asked for their written consent and agreement to our Terms and Conditions for the testing service.


  • Payment will be processed at the time testing is booked (credit / debit card preferred).

We believe our procedures are safe, convenient, and efficient, and thank you for selecting Airwolf Medical for your travel screening!

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Custom Testing for Employee Safety Programs

Now available - Please contact us to discuss COVID-19 screening for workplace and employee safety programs.

Wedding Table

Custom Testing for Special Events

Now available - Please contact us to discuss COVID-19 screening for special events, conferences, and celebrations.

Special Event

Custom Testing for Film / TV Productions

Now available - Please contact us to discuss COVID-19 screening for Film / TV Productions and Photoshoots.

About RT-PCR Testing

Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests are the most sensitive and accurate method for detecting COVID-19 infections.  Samples are collected by trained healthcare professionals and then analyzed at a medical laboratory accredited by the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Please Note - due to very high demand for RT-PCR test processing, results are generally available within 48-60 HOURS, and will be provided to you by Airwolf Medical.

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