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Our world is an amazing place just waiting to be explored - and that's what we're all about.  

Travel with a Doctor - we provide specialized medical services for groups and families with health concerns and / or remote itineraries who are traveling for business, recreation, and adventure.  

Airwolf Medical
Specialists in Adventure


Escorted Travel / Medical Companions

International Adventure Travel with Families or Groups with Health Concerns or Remote Itineraries. 


Summer and Winter Adventure Guides

Explore with Confidence.

How Our Travel Service Works

Travel with a Doctor - a member of our medical staff will be assigned to travel with your group / entourage to provide specialized medical support services.  

  • Services are customized to address the unique requirements of travellers, including health requirements, terrain hazards, and other itinerary-related considerations.

  • We provide services to selected international destinations in Asia, Australia / Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North / South America.

Thank you for considering Airwolf Medical for your travel adventure!

Mountain Resort

Whistler / British Columbia

Day tours and escorted backcountry-access in Whistler, Canada. 


British Columbia is beautiful and the adventures are amazing - we love the inspiring natural attractions, world-class resorts, and friendly people.  Our rugged terrain, untamed landscapes, and boundless coast are an adventurer's playground, but can overwhelm even the best prepared.  We provide medical travel companions for families and groups with special health concerns or remote itineraries in British Columbia and international destinations.

British Columbia's
Specialists in Adventure

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