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Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 Testing Services

  1. By providing my verbal or written consent, I hereby authorize Airwolf Medical Inc. (hereafter known as “Airwolf Medical”) to conduct sample collection, testing, and analysis for the purpose of a COVID-19 diagnostic test.

  2. I acknowledge and understand that I am fully responsible for selecting a test and sample collection time that are suitable for my purposes and that any time frame for reporting results is a guide only and cannot be guaranteed by Airwolf Medical or 3rd party diagnostic laboratories due to adverse weather, road or highway closures, public holidays, limits to business hours (including weekends), staff or courier availability, and other foreseen and unforeseen causes. 

  3. I acknowledge and understand that Airwolf Medical may refuse to provide a COVID-19 diagnostic test at their sole discretion if I do not meet eligibility requirements which include being asymptomatic of a potential respiratory infection at the time of testing and in the previous 7 days, not having previously tested positive to COVID-19, and not having knowledge of recent exposure to the SARS CoV-2 virus within the last 14 days.

  4. I acknowledge and understand that my COVID-19 test will require the collection of an appropriate sample through a nasal swab or other recommended collection procedure. 

  5. I acknowledge and understand that Airwolf Medical may refuse to provide or complete a COVID-19 diagnostic test at their sole discretion if a suitable sample cannot be collected or if I refuse or am unable to comply with safety instructions during testing including requests to wear a mask.

  6. I acknowledge and understand that appointments are non-refundable within 72 hours of my appointment time and may only be rescheduled with the prior approval of Airwolf Medical, and that my late-arrival will be considered to be a non-refundable cancellation.  I also acknowledge and understand that a $25 per test cancellation fee will be charged if I cancel my test prior to 72 hours before my appointment.

  7. acknowledge and understand that Airwolf Medical may cancel or reschedule my appointment at any time at their sole discretion due to staff, material, supply, or operational issues and that Airwolf Medical will not be responsible for arranging alternative testing services or for any costs related to or which arise from the cancelled or rescheduled appointment.  In the event that Airwolf Medical cancels my appointment Airwolf Medical's financial responsibility will be limited to a refund of the price I paid for the appointment.

  8. I acknowledge and understand that Airwolf Medical personnel may refuse to provide House Call testing services at any location that at their sole discretion they deem to be unsafe, inaccessible, or unsuitable for sample collection purposes.

  9. I acknowledge and understand that in the event Airwolf Medical personnel are delayed or late to a House Call appointment that Airwolf Medical will not be responsible for any costs related to or which arise from the delay.

  10. I authorize my personal information and test samples to be sent to 3rd party diagnostic laboratories selected by Airwolf Medical as required for sample examination purposes and preparation of results, and agree that these Terms and Conditions shall also apply in full to the 3rd party laboratories used by Airwolf Medical for sample examination and preparation of results.   

  11. I authorize my test results to be disclosed to the British Columbia Ministry of Health, Regional Health Authorities, and / or the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control as may be required by law.

  12. I authorize my personal information and test results to be collected, processed, and stored in electronic databases and printed records, and to be transmitted by mail, courier, email, SMS messages, fax machine, telephone and other means of communication, as required for sample examination purposes, preparation of results, reporting of results, and other related purposes as may be required by law.

  13. I understand that testing does not replace treatment by my medical practitioner.  I assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regards to my test results.  I agree that I will seek prompt medical advice, care, and treatment from my medical practitioner if I have questions or concerns, or if my condition worsens.

  14. I understand that, as with any medical test, there are risks and benefits of undergoing a diagnostic test for COVID-19, and there may be a potential for either false positive or false negative results.

  15. To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby release, discharge and hold blameless Airwolf Medical, including without limitation, any of its respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents from any claim, liability, and damages of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with any act or omission relating to my COVID-19 diagnostic test or the disclosure of my COVID-19 test results.

  16. I acknowledge and agree that I have read, understand, and have agreed to the statements contained within this webpage.  I have been informed about the purpose of this COVID-19 diagnostic test, procedures to be performed, potential risks and benefits, and associated costs. I have been provided the opportunity to ask questions before I agree to proceed with the COVID-19 diagnostic test.  I have been told I can ask other questions at any time.

  17. I understand that I will be responsible for paying all fees at the time of the COVID-19 diagnostic test.

  18. Upon completion of my test(s) or cancellation of the service within the time frame outlined by the Cancellation Policy presented on this website, I hereby acknowledge and will accept all associated charges to my credit / debit card and will not dispute said charges with my financial institution.

  19. I understand that some services are not always covered by my insurance company / provider regardless of medical necessity.

  20. I understand that I have to contact my insurance company / provider directly to see if they will either fully or partially cover the cost of the COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2) test I will be taking from Airwolf Medical, Inc.

  21. I understand that if any treatment is rejected by my insurance plan as a non-covered procedure or service I will be financially responsible for those services.   


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