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at the Whistler COVID-19 Travel Test Centre

4010 Whistler Way - Next to Convention Centre

Please Note

We only test ASYMPTOMATIC people - if you have tested positive to COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, or are ill, or have flu-like symptoms such as a persistent cough or fever, or are experiencing tiredness or shortness of breath, telephone 811 (in British Columbia) to speak with a public health official who will assist with directions for medical testing and care. 


Telephone 911 (nine - one - one) to contact emergency services if you are having difficulty breathing.

Step 1 - Please Confirm Your Test Selection

Please ensure the test you select and the appointment you book
for sample collection are suitable for your purposes.

Dress "Warm & Dry" for services at our Whistler Travel Test Centre location
(samples are collected at our testing window)